LaunchGate: a FOSSY way of Getting Started with FPGAs


This post is very very delayed, I have been very busy and I hope that anyone reading this blog has not abandoned me. If you have been following my LaunchGate project you will have noticed the progress being made with this cool open source FPGA board. So lets recap a bit before we talk about why this project might help […]

Open Hardware SLS printing: Will it be the Future?


I had the pleasure of sitting back and enjoying the FDM 3D printer ride. Big companies like Dimension and ZCorp (not FDM) said that projects like Reprap would never be able to produce there quality. Well in the end it turned out they where wrong. There are many open printers that produce incredible quality, take the Ultimaker for example. What […]

Project Spotlight: marvoOBD


One of my favorite things in PCB design is when people find ways to design tiny things right into or on a connector. In this case Danny has incorporated an Ardunio and a CAN shield all on to the back of an OBD II connector. This isnt exactly a tiny connector but it gives some room for development. The design […]

Tutorial: Getting Started with OpenSTM32


OpenSTM32 is a toolchain that was recently for the STM32 line of 32-bit micro-controllers. These micro controllers cover a wide range from low-power to over 200Mhz capable of running ucLinux. They can be programmed using a variety of different methods from JTAG to USB and have all the peripherals you could ever need. This guide will get you started with […]

Standardized Part Libraries, we are Getting Closer


Many of you my hardware developer friends may know is that alignment of correct footprints and schematic symbols can be one of the most daunting tasks to get right. Many a design has been lost to the wrong footprint or some switch pin numbers. Sometimes we stare at a design wondering if every pin number is right or if we […]

Designing with a USB Boot-loader in Mind


** Featured Image was taken from a Kicad SMT32 dev board with the USB broken out for DFU. check out the repo

Whenever I am making a board there is a consideration that many of you may be familiar with, where do I put the programming header. Weather you are using Microchip, Atmel, ARM, or MSP you always need to […]

Project Spotlight: Black Magic Probe


The Black Magic Probe comes all the way from the lovely country of New Zealand. Recently I did a post on the FT2232 and its wonderful debugging abilities, well this is a possible alternative. The Black Magic Probe is an ARM debugging hardware tool that is based on an STM32F1x and the GDB remote debugging protocol. This allows you […]

PoEPi: A Power Over Ethernet Pi Zero Hat


This is an ongoing project and we hope that you can give us whatever feedback you can. Stay tuned for updates, board will be finalized over the next week.

Power over Ethernet isn’t a brand new technology and it certainly isn’t incredibly high tech either. Its a way of using our existing infrastructure to make device powering simpler. As […]

Choosing a Power Supply for your Circuit Design (DC)


I did a little poking around today and found that there is no good elementary guide to help selecting a power supply for a project. I found a couple of articles from Maxim and TI but no good blog post on how to design and integrate a power supply into a circuit design. In this post I will go through […]

FT2232, The Next Chip You Might Want to Add to Your Board


Quick Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by FTDI to write this. I am writing this because this chip saved my butt in a project last week and I wanted others to see the use of the chip.

When most hardware hackers/developers hear FTDI they think of that lovely chip that turned our USB port into a simple and wonderful […]